This gorgeous and sensual skin come in 3 skin tones, Tan, Bronze and Darktan, cleavage option for each of them, you will also find shape c/m, lolas/slink/phat azz/Ghetto booty appliers. So its a complete skin LIMITED SALES ON IT ONLY 50 COPIES THEN ITS GONE!





We are so glad to present you our new release Taylor, a sensual and soft skin, in 4 skin tones, milk, tan, bronze and dark tan.

Each skin tone, have 6 different make ups



And each make up, have cleavage option, and 3 different eyebrows, dark, blond and no eyebrows.



You can also find the shape that is copy and modify, and have already a shape made to be worn with the loud mouth.

Also all kind of appliers, Slink mesh hands and feets, (slink visage applier available soon), Lolas applier, phat azz applier, Loud mouth applier in 6 different colors for each skin tone.

Of course Demo is available at mainstore.

Teleport now to .::WoW Skins::.



17-31 MARCH 2014!
We are having a crazy exclusive sale, search for the skins marked with the sale tags
1) Buy 3 get 2 FREE
2) Buy 2 get 1 FREE!
3) Buy 1 get 1 50%OFF!
Fatpacks are not included, Appliers are not included, Shapes are not included.

-How it work?
Search for the skins marked with the pink round signs, Buy the skin you like and send me a nc with your transaction history, and the name of the skin/skins you choosed for free, If its the one with 50% off, send me both transactions, i will refund half of it.
Please allow me at last 24 houres to get back to you, i am not online 24/24.


*the free skins have to be same line as the one you are buying, not different skins!
example: you buy musa skin, so you get musa in a different make up or shade for free, but not a different skin line!

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.::WoW Skins::. SKIN FAIR 2014

This year we have 2 exclusive for you at the fair:
Luna skin



Yuki Skin 



3 skin tones, milk, tan, bronze and Darktan. 6 different make ups for both skins, 




Cleavage option, eyebrow base, Shape is copy and modify.

Appliers: Lolas, Phat azz, Ghetto booty, Slink hands and feets.

News! We made also appliers for the new mesh head of Slink, so you will also find them at the skin fair,


Of course you will find a demo to try it on! Each applier come with on skin tone, a base skin to wear with cleavage option, inside the hud you find different eyeshadows and lip colors to mix and match!




The sim will be open to public the 14 march, but if you want an early access by to day, jooin skin addiction group, secondlife:///app/group/254db099-7966-1350-5766-c977fb2da5b3/about

New Sara skin – Luck of the Irish fair 2014 – 100L each play


Sara is a sensual sweet skin full of charm and elegance!

Each play coast only 100L! Each skin pack you win, come with 3 skin tones, cleavage option, 3 eyebrows options (blond, dark and no brows) shape copy and modify, Isn’t a great deal?!

I have included 2 rare skins, which is really easy to win anyways, also i’ve included Lolas tango appliers, slink mesh hands and feets, and Phat azz/Ghetto Booty appliers.*

Its a complete skin! The Luck of the Irish Gacha fair open to day

Click here for a landmark

*If you won the skin and want simply to buy the appliers without playing more, tp to my mainstore and buy appliers from Lina skin vendor. But its up to you.

WoW at Skin Fair 2014

Skin Addiction

Spring Blossom

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~ Marcel Proust

Spring Blossom

See WoW Skin’s exclusive Yuki skin at Skin Fair 2014, opening March 14.

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Yuki Tan 04 by Sawsan Secretspy for .::WoWSkins::., available at Skin Fair (Sim 1) (opens March 14)

Want the rest of the info? Go to A Passion for Virtual Fashion to get full styling notes and write up.

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